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Diamond Hospitality offers tourism organizations, hotel groups and individual properties a custom approach to Star Ratings.

When introducing a rating system, you only have one opportunity to do it right. If the system is not accurate, fair and consistent, it loses its credibility instantly.

Diamond Hospitality's Star Rating Systems are based on a solid foundation of internationally recognized standards.

A member of our team of quality assurance inspectors will stay anonymously overnight at each property. The Star Rating Report covers both the service and physical areas of the hotel that combine and translate in a specific star rating.

After the inspection, we provide a detailed report consisting of:
  • Inspector's Narrative - A key area of the report providing a full subjective overview of the hotel stay featuring details of exceptional service as well as identifying areas of opportunity in all guest contact areas.
  • Star Rating Report - broken down into specific departments and providing both the result as well as the Inspector's comment for each specific criteria


"The Puerto Rico Tourism Company is very pleased to have contracted Diamond Hospitality to develop and implement a Star Rating/Classification Program for our properties in Puerto Rico.

Diamond Hospitality exceeded our expectations and we were very pleased with the initial results and this ongoing program.

We would highly recommend Diamond Hospitality!"

Director Tourism Quality Assurance
Puerto Rico Tourism Company